Population M 485 F 468 953
In Charge Fathmath Anooza 7908238
Medical and Diagnostic Services
Community Health Officer
Family Health Officer 1 Aminath Hussain 7911736
Medical Officer 1 Dr.Abdul Qadir Nawabi 9830415
Nurses 2 Suveydha Abdul Gayyoom 7897524
Sherin Babu 7577315
Laboratory Technician 1 Bincy Babu 7502710
Ambulance Driver 1 Abdul Latheef Moosa 7943994
Working hours  
OPD 8hrs / 8am-4pm Official working days are Sunday to Thursday.
Office 7hrs / 8am-3pm
Emergency Services 24 hours
Contact Details
Contact Number 6580391
Contact Fax 6580391
Contact E-mail rasgetheemu@nhsc.com.mv
Services Available
OPD Ambulance service
IPD Immunization
Dressing & Injections Growth Monitoring
Nebulization Elderly Clinic
Minor Surgery Family Planning Service
ECG Antenatal & Postnatal Clinic
Lab. service Home Visits