Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Obstetrics – Antenatal care
  1.  OPD – All antenatal cases with antenatal registration
  2. All obstetrical ultra sounds
  3.  Treating all emergency and critical obstetric cases
  4. Awareness of Antenatal care with good nutrition and good hygenicity.
  • Obstetric intranatal care
  1. Normal deliveries
  2. Instrumental deliveries
  3. Operative deliveries – Cesarean Section with both upper and lower segment.
  4. Managing all types of emergency and critical obstetric intranatal cases.
  5. All obstetrics referral cases
  • Obstetrics – Postnatal care
  1. Treating all types of postnatal patients.
  2. Family planning – Oral contraception, injectable contraception and permanent contraceptions
  3. Awareness of hygiene and postnatal care
  4. Thorough follow ups
  • Gynaecology
  1. OPD – All kinds of gynaecological cases with ultra sound and minor procedures
  2. Managing all kinds of emergency and critical gynaecological cases
  3. Infertility management.
  4. All gynaecological referral cases


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