Public Relations & Medical records

These cheerful staff are the front desk of URH. They welcome all the patients and visitors with a smile and do their work with speed and dedication.

The responsibilities are of Public Relation Officer are

  1. Handing over and taking over
  2. Directing patients and visitors
  3. Registering of patents for OPD and related activities
  4. Attending phone calls
  5. Summoning ambulance services
  6. Medical record maintenance
  7. Medicolegal forms and medical reports responsibility
  8. Monthly activities reports and staff & bed data submission to Ministry
  9. MADHANA Patients
  10. Transferring of patients to higher centre

Job responsibilities of Interpreter are as follows.

  1. OPD Room arrangement
  2. OPD Translation work and related activities
  3. Entering data in Hospital Information System..

Almost all of the data collection and collation is done by the interpreters. This data is useful for the statistics submitted to the ministry from time to time. Thus a large chunk of PHU work is actually done by PRO/MRD section.

This department is headed by Ahmed Thalal, Mohamed Luthfi and Hassan Fazeel. If you notice a staff with a smile pasted across the face all the time, it is probably the F-section staff of URH!