Public Health Unit

This section is called E-Section.

The PHU works mainly towards the provision of preventive care to the community. It also handles the planning of activities for the whole North Province.

The responsibilities of PHU are as follows.

A Health Preventive activities Planning and Supervision

  1. Mental Health
  2. Health Education
  3. School health
  4. Workshops
  5. Immunization/ Vit.A
  6. Waste management/Environmental & Occupational Health
  7. Injury Surveillance (data collecting and reporting)
  8. Maintain Library books and other documents
  9. Drug Abuse
  10. Health Centers Supervision
  11. Health Promotion action plan

B Inspection and Clearance UNIT

  1. Dhoani inspection
  2. Boat Clearance
  3. Hikimas inspection
  4. Fihaara checking
  5. Pharmacy checking and Reporting
  6. Hota,restuarent,caffe etc checking

C Disease Surveillance and Reporting UNIT Incharge:

  1. Communicable disease control program
  2. ORS stock maintaining
  3. Flus (swine flu, bird flu)
  4. Daily communicable disease reporting/notification
  5. NCD clinic (bedridden visit)
  6. Home Visit
  7. TB stock maintaining
  8. TB and Leprosy reporting
  9. Vector Born and Water Born Disease Malaria/Filaria and Reporting
  10. Mosquito control program and reporting
  11. Water testing and sanitation

D Reproductive and Child Health UNIT

  1. Reproductive Health HIV/AIDS/STI/VCT/RHC
  2. ANC/PNC
  3. Family Planning (Reporting/Requisition)
  4. Maternal Health (Maternal death)
  5. Child Health Nutrition (Iodine/nutritious food)
  6. Growth Monitoring
  7. Breast feeding Counseling
  8. New born care
  9. Adolescence Health (TT,Hep “B” vaccine)
  10. Child abuse
  11. Thalassaemia

This Section has experienced and knowledgeable staff who work as a team at the level of the public. They are responsible to take “Health to the Homes”. The staff of this section are dedicated, responsible and dynamic. This section is headed by Ahmed Maahir.