Diagnostic Services

Medical & Diagnostic

This section is called C-Section.

It is sub divided in to three sections.

A. Medical Section

  1. Consultants
  2. Medical Officers
  3. Dentist

B Para Medical Section

  1. Physiotherapist

C Diagnostic Section

  1. Laboratory Technicians
  2. X-ray Technician

The Medical Department takes the responsibility of imparting curative health care services to the patients of URH and also teaming with the PHU (public health unit) to plan preventive health care services. The Medical Section is headed by Dr. Prakash.

The Physiotherapy Department provides physical therapy which assist in the healing of various disease conditions. Starting from hot fomentation and going on to Ultrasound, traction, exercises etc, this department has done wonders in helping patients.

The Diagnostic department provides investigation facilities to patients. Latest equipments along with dedicated staff are the pillars of strength of this Section. The Paramedical and Diagnostic Sections are headed by Mrs. Mohamed Nasheeh.