Maintenance & House Keeping

Maintenance & House Keeping

This is called H-Section.

The responsibilities of the Maintenance section are

  1. Checking if all the inventory is in working condition
  2. Maintenance of the generator and ensure the electricity is available round the clock
  3. Maintenance of steady water supply – both fresh water and rain water.
  4. Maintenance of vehicles and dhoni/speed boat
  5. Furniture maintenance
  6. Repair of broken down equipment.
  7. House and accomodation maintenance

Responsibility of House Keeping

  1. Laundry service to URH
  2. Cleanliness and orderliness of the full URH campus

The cleanliness means that all surfaces of URH are kept clean – windows, door posts, floors, ceiling, rest rooms, corridors, garden etc.

As the saying goes – Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This section is headed by Mohamed Faisal. His responsibility is to ensure that the maintenance work of Raa. Atoll health facilities. Any maintenance work that cannot be handled by any island is sent to URH.