Budget & Finance

Budget & Finance

This section is called B-Section.

It deals with the procurement of Finances from the Ministry at appropriate intervals and ensuring the correct utilization of funds. The sequence of events begins with the understanding of where the money comes in and where it goes out!

The current expenditure in the form of salaries, maintenance and inflation rate, projects undertaken and future plans will form the basis for knowing the funds that would be needed to plan the financial year. Understanding these expenses, the need for funds is chalked out and submitted to the Ministry.

Upon receipt of funds, proper disposal is performed coupled with an accounting of each transaction. The financial dealings of all the islands of the province are dealt with at this section. To break up the details needs a magnifying glass!

A few of the responsibilities are maintaining the main account with liquid funds, managing expenses, handling staff salary, collecting rent, recieving income of the hospital, maintaining a loan account, Aamdhaane Faisa (daily income and petty cash) and most of all refining the system to make it cost effective.

Loads of responsibility is upon the shoulders of this section. This department is headed by Ismail Maahir (assisted by Abdulla Luthufy in his absence) and is supported by a team of efficient staff.