Administration & Human resource

Administration & Human resource

This section is called A-Section.

It deals with the administration of URH and the Human Resources.

This department enforces the rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry of Health and Family. It also regulates the functioning of different departments and fosters an environment of interdepartmental interaction and unity.

Two way communication to and from the Ministry is relayed from/to the staff via the A Section. This section deals with the staff at a personal level as the Human Resource Department. Day to day affairs, disciplinary matters, leave, and ticketing, transport and contract renewal are handled as part of the work. A-Section also maintains attendance of all staff.

As part of the stores activity A-section handles the maintenance and procurement of the Central store with medical and general stock and relaying the stock status to different section heads.

This department is headed by Saudiyya Ibraahim and is backed by an efficient team.